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Obama Plans To Announce Comprehensive Immigration Reform 
In State of the Union Address
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By Immigration Attorney Caroly Pedersen
USCIS Releases Policy Manual 

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Administration officials say that President Obama will push Congress to move quickly on immigration reform following his inauguration and plans to address the issue in his February 12th State of the Union address. 

Obama and Congressional Democrats will present a comprehensive immigration Bill (likely in March) which includes Bi-partisan provisions which have already been worked out between the two parties in secret negotiations going on now. The President and Democrats support a legalization measure which would give legal status and Work Permits to millions of immigrants in the U.S. who currently do not have legal status. Their plan would include a path to a Green Card and then to U.S. Citizenship and plan to oppose any Bill which does not include these critical provisions. 
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About Obama's Plans To Push For Comprehensive Immigration Reform:
New York Times
News Observer
You can find out more about the anticipated Comprehensive Immigration Reform for 2013. To obtain a copy of the Immigration Reform explanation & Documentation List, you can call our office at: (954) 382-5378.
Officials say they will avoid calling any immigration reform proposal an “Amnesty”, since that could make it harder to pass. Instead, Democrats plan to emphasize that the reform would include provisions for background checks and payment of fines and back taxes.
After enduring several years of criticism for his tough stance on “illegal” immigration, Sen. Marco Rubio now says he is in favor of a major overhaul of the current immigration system which would legalize millions of immigrants who are currently in the U.S.. In fact, Sen. Rubio told the Wall Street Journal that he wants to take the lead on Immigration Reform. And while his vision of a reform law differs from most Democrats in that he prefers a series of seperate Laws which would reform separate immigration issues, whereas President Obama is pushing for one comprehensive Law which addresses all immigration reforms - he is now supporting what will likely result in a full “Amnesty” or “Legalization” program.
Republican Sen. Rubio Says “Yes” To Immigration Reform
About Senator Marco Rubio's Support For Immigration Reform:
Wall Street Journal
Answer: Since you are in legal status, you would not qualify under any Dream Act passed independently or under the upcoming Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Unfortuneatly, the law will only benefit those who are in unlawful status in the U.S. at the time the Bill is submitted in Congress, which is anticipated to be soon.
Question: I moved to New York to live with my mother when I was 14 years old. I was a dependent under her visa. I graduated from high school and continued on to college. After receiving my B.S. degree, I obtained a job on a TN visa and have been on that visa ever since. 

Would I be eligible for a Greencard under the proposed DREAM act? When would this be passed, and how long would it take to get one? Would my current status be frozen during the process? 
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In an effort to  improve transparency and efficiency, the USCIS has recently released an extensive USCIS Immigration Policy Manual for immigration policies and procedures in the areas of citizenship and naturalization, adjustment of status, admissibility, protection and parole, nonimmigrants, refugees, asylees, immigrants, waivers, and travel and employment.​

Sen. Rubio understands that the Republican party’s “anti-immigrant” rhetoric has driven Hispanic voters away and sees this new Republican support for immigration reform as a way to bring Hispanic voters back to the party and even attract new ones, stating that "the immigration issue is a gateway issue for Hispanics, no doubt about it. No matter what your stance is on a number of other issues, if people somehow come to believe that you don't like them or want them here, it's difficult to get them to listen to anything else." And adding more Republicans to the voter rolls is likely what he has in mind - with many predicting that he will make a Presidential bid in 2016.

Rubio’s vision of immigration reform now includes giving legal status to millions of immigrants who either came to the U.S. illegally or let their status expire.He told the reporter, "Here's how I envision it,…They would have to come forward. They would have to undergo a background check… Anyone who committed a serious crime would be deported…They would be fingerprinted…They would have to pay a fine, pay back taxes, maybe even do community service. They would have to prove they've been here for an extended period of time. They understand some English and are assimilated. Then most of them would get legal status and be allowed to stay in this country." Rubio also agrees that the new law would include a path to a Green Card and later U.S. Citizenship, after an unspecified period of time and those who qualify under Dream Act guidelines, who were brought to the U.S. by their parents would receive special treatment and be allowed to naturalize sooner. Experts are predicting that with Rubio leading the way on the Republican version of Immigration Reform – coming to a compromise with the Democrats may be significantly easier. Stay tuned….